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Auto Services at Saskatoon Auto Kleen

Saskatoon Auto Kleen offers comprehensive detailing services for cars, trucks, and SUVs of all types. From complete cleaning to reliable stain removal, our detailers have you covered. Contact us to learn more about the services below, and to schedule your appointment in our auto shop today.

Complete Cleaning

Our complete cleaning services are available for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle requires shampooing, waxing, or stain removal, we can do it all. We are dedicated to restoring the look of your vehicle and getting you back on the road in no time.

Complete cleaning

Interior Shampooing

We offer interior shampooing for the surfaces that might need it most, such as the floor and all of the upholstery. Recondition the inside of your vehicle with comprehensive shampooing services from Saskatoon Auto Kleen!

Interior shampooing

Oil and Tar Removal

Oil and tar can be some of the trickiest substances to remove from any surface of your vehicle. If you have been working with oil or tar and happen to leave a stain, schedule an appointment at Saskatoon Auto Kleen for safe and comprehensive removal.

Oil and tar removal

Oxidized Paint Removal

We also offer oxidized paint removal to restore the shine of your vehicle. No matter the level of oxidation, you can depend on our expert detailers to fully clean and polish the surface to suit your needs.

Oxided Paint removal

Power Polishing

Power polishing will give the exterior of your vehicle a gleaming, like new appearance. Our team of talented detailers have vast experience with cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. Get in touch for your comprehensive appointment!

Power polishing

Odor Removal

Saskatoon Auto Kleen offers additional odor removal that leaves you with that new car smell once again! We specialize in getting rid of any type of lingering odor such as cigarette smoke or the unpleasant scent pets can leave behind.

Odor removal

Paint Overspray Removal

If you recently had paint work done on your vehicle and notice overspray on any other surface, we provide full removal you can count on. We use gentle cleaners and equipment to ensure the paint overspray is safely removed without further cosmetic damage.

Paint overspray removal

Stain Removal

We remove stains of all sorts, from any surface that includes the upholstery and flooring. Our team at Saskatoon Auto Kleen provides you with diligent cleaning in order to maintain the value of your vehicle’s interior.

Stain removal

For complete information on our auto servicing in the Saskatoon area, get in touch with us!

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